Herman Cain, he represents everything we should fear about the black republican

Herman Cain on CNN’s State of the Union

In high school I remember when a teacher couldn’t get a kid to do what they wanted, they would identify a student to help them achieve that goal. Herman Cain is the Republican Party’s student. The things they can’t get the black voter to believe they’ve sent him out to sell. The problem is that just like the student, black voters eventually are realizing he is just the mouth piece and has no real possibility of winning the GOP nomination. As was the case with former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, as soon as they are done using him for their propaganda agenda of projecting an image of inclusion, he will be gone. As soon as he decides that telling black voters why his party deserves their vote on false hopes and ideas is not enough, Herman might slip and say the wrong thing. This happened when Steele began pushing minority inclusion and holding his party accountable for their lack of engagement in urban communities. Herman saw the blow back of this after he criticized Texas Governor Rick Perry over the “niggerhead” resort. Conservatives in the media after Herman called the name of the resort “insensitive” took him to task as playing the race card and being a tool of the left. It wasn’t long before Herman Cain was back tracking on those comments.

After being proven to have sat idly by during the civil rights movement doing nothing, Herman Cain went on CNN’s State of the Union to say “racism is not holding anyone back”. It is hard to believe that Herman Cain is naive enough to really believe this to be true.

I mean would Herman say that the fact that the number one determining factor into if your child would go to a well-funded school has to do with what race the majority of the students are has nothing to do with race?

Would he say that a black man driving a nice car in a nice neighborhood is more likely to be stopped by police than a white man driving a nice car in a black neighborhood has nothing to do with race?

Would he say that a young black woman with the same educational background and experience as a white woman is less likely to be called back if she has an ethnically sounding name has nothing to do with race?

In just a few short days Herman Cain has come to represent everything we should fear from the black Republican and to be honest it is a shame. It might have a lot to do with this photo from the Cain website of validators supporting his campaign. I know I find it interesting that a man who is in second place for his party nomination couldn’t find one person of color for the website. This isn’t just the nine slots on this photo but the website has an option to move the slide for THREE PAGES without a single person of color.

Herman Cain has made himself into the black candidate more against black people than any of the other GOP candidates in the race. He has allowed the far right of his party to push him out to saying things that they would never be able to get away with in order to push their message.

At a time when African-American unemployment is more than double the national average, the last thing we need in the White House or as nominee of a major political party is someone who sees things as working out well just the way they are.



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