Maryland Senate should reject JPR amendments & pass House anti-shackling bill

Dear Young Democrats and Marylanders,

Earlier this legislative session the Young Democrats of Maryland voted to endorse legislation proposed by Delegate Mary Washington that called on our state to end the inhumane practice of shackling women in our jails in the weeks before they give birth. We joined a coalition of civil rights advocates such as the ACLU, NAACP and medical leaders like MedChi and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. We did so because it was a good bill that spoke to the Maryland we want to become.

I am shocked to hear an amendment has been added to the bill that guts much of that hard work. HBB29, the House version was unanimously reported out of the Judiciary Committee and then received little if any opposition on the floor there. This version represents the thoughtful and comprehensive approach to this problem and it enjoys the support of the Young Democrats of Maryland.

In the weeks since this bill passed the House of Delegates I’ve traveled all over the state discussing the General Assembly. In my conversations most Marylanders are disgusted to know this practice exist in America and is used in our state. Ending it cannot come soon enough and with your support that can be a reality. Join me in contacting your Senator to urge they reject the Senate version, and pass the house bill before the end of the legislative session. It represents the state we all want to be.


Rev. Joseph Lynn Kitchen Jr.

President – Young Democrats of Maryland


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