Days of Elijah…Wednesday, June 26th Morning Inspirational

hqdefaultIn April I announced that I would come out of the closet as a gay man. Before that decision I used my blog everyday to spend time with God during my morning inspirational that was guided by one song. Despite my defiant tone in my announcement, I have to admit that the personal revelation did cause me to question or examine my faith and walk with God. For a time there were issues I hated to address and conversations I would avoid. What happen to that was Judy Jacobs and this song Days of Elijah.

I have always known I serve a great God and an all loving one. The song speaks to the fact there is no God like him and after praying about my walk, life, and passion I am confident of his love and ever protection.

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Joseph Lynn Kitchen Jr. is an ordained Baptist minister from Prince George’s County, MD where he serves as a community leader on issues of education reform, public transportation and youth empowerment. Joseph is Executive Vice-President of the Young Democrats of Maryland and National Policy and Platform Director of the Young Democrats of America’s Minority Caucus. Learn more about Joseph’s work at


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