A Rise in the Minimum Wage, We Can Do this Now

minimumwage1For the first time in a very long time, the Maryland General Assembly has a real chance to increase our state’s minimum wage to one that actually will help address poverty. That is why the Young Democrats of Maryland are honored to announce our support for legislation, likely to be introduced in January, which not only raises the minimum wage, but also ties future increases to inflation or other cost of living mechanisms. Passage of this important legislation is our top legislative priority and YDM is honored to join our allies such as Raise Maryland and more to fight for approval. However we need your help.

Momentum is on our side with this legislation. Already every candidate for our party gubernatorial nomination has endorsed the wage increase breathing new life into this critically important issue. The fact of the matter is wages for Marylanders, specifically low-wage workers, have come to a standstill. This freeze has led to the growth of the eye-popping income inequality we see today. Raising the minimum wage and connecting it with a system for automatic adjustment, connected to inflation over time, is key to reversing the drop in low-wage earnings while at the same time working to bring down the income inequality growth.

YDM chapters like the Prince George’s and Montgomery County Young Democrats have already held local organizing meetings to gear up for the legislative session. You can get involved as well by signing our petition and volunteering today!


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