Cory McCray, a voice for our generation that Annapolis needs

Joseph and CoryNewspapers all over the state have wrote about the coming turnover in Annapolis. Over 50 members of the General Assembly will either retire or pursue other service to the state. A few weeks ago the Gazette wrote about the coming “new generation in Annapolis.” As President of the Young Democrats of Maryland I couldn’t be more honored that so many young leaders have stepped up with progressive plans to continue the forward motion of our state. More importantly I’m impressed that combined with their youthfulness are competitive organizations that can make them successful in the June primary. As you can expect, my role as YDM president makes it difficult for me to be as involved supporting all of these candidates, however every now and then one stands out. In fact there are a couple this cycle. The first one is my dear friend Cory McCray.

Cory is running for a seat in the House of Delegates to represent the 45th Legislative District in Baltimore City. Born and raised in Baltimore, Cory was raised during the crime wave that engulfed the city during the eighties and nineties. His life’s story is why we need him in Annapolis. A kid who ran into the wrong side of the law, sought out opportunities to make a better life for his family, joined a local union and every since then has been making Baltimore work for tomorrow.

I am proud of my friend Cory and what he stands for. His campaign motto, “A Leader who listens” is just what Baltimore needs and so does Maryland. That is why I joined him in East Baltimore the other weekend to spread the word about his campaign. It is also why I’ve committed to financially, political and physically work to get him elected.

Cory McCray – Candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates


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Joseph Lynn Kitchen Jr. is an ordained Baptist minister from Prince George’s County, MD where he serves as a community leader on issues of education reform, public transportation and youth empowerment. Joseph is President of the Young Democrats of Maryland. Learn more about Joseph’s work at


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