Resting on his Promise…Morning Inspirational Wednesday, May 21st

l7L8pM4gDaily I know I have to remind myself that God has a plan for my life and I have to rest on his promise. Like many there are times that I question if the decision I’ve made was the best one, if the direction I am going is the right one, and if I am doing the right thing, however when I place those decisions in the hands of God I remember he has it all worked out. Check out this single by JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise.

Morning Inspirational – Just about every morning since I was sixteen I’ve always woke up at around 5AM. Allowing time between just me and God to pray, read, and sing his praises is what has sustained me even in the darkest days. I try to use one inspirational song to guide that time that includes scripture  and prayer.

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Joseph Lynn Kitchen Jr. is an ordained Baptist minister from Prince George’s County, MD where he serves as a community leader on issues of education reform, public transportation and youth empowerment. Joseph is President of the Young Democrats of Maryland. Learn more about Joseph’s work at


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