I Need Your Glory…Friday, August 14th Morning Inspirational

As I sit here and listen to this song it is forcing me to reflect on the times that I have walked away from God’s hand of guidance in pursuit of my own ambitions. Every time however I put my own priorities behind what God asks of me is when I am successful behind measure. Kerry Washington once said that she feels God gives her three answers to all of her questions –

Yes, Yes but not right now, or No because I have something better. I cannot tell you how many times I have allowed my fear to block a blessing from God when he tells me yes, how many times I force God’s hand when he tells me not right now or how I’ve acted after God has clearly shown me this is not the path I should take.

Morning Inspirational – Just about every morning since I was sixteen I’ve always woke up at around 5AM. Allowing time between just me and God to pray, read, and sing his praises is what has sustained me even in the darkest days. I try to use one inspirational song to guide that time that includes scripture and prayer.

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