Cornel West is a traitor to black people

Cornel-West-endorsementWhen I tell you I can’t. President Obama said it after 2009, Cornel West is about Cornel West. The idea that he would take up the offer from Bernie Sanders to serve on the Democratic Party’s Platform Committee only to later endorse the Green Party nominee proves that. Dr. West knew when he was named to the Platform Committee that Bernie Sanders would not be the nominee. He also knew that it was highly likely he’d eventually endorse Hillary Clinton. So for him to jump ship now, after serving in so important of a role (or so he thought) without disclosing he’d never support our eventual nominee is outrageous.

One thing has to be clear from the start, this endorsement isn’t about values, it is about the spotlight. If it was about values than we could have a real conversation, but it is not. Dr. West pretends to be in this for black people. However leaders don’t just lead, they listen. And if you are pretending to lead a group of people and anywhere between 60-80% of them tell you they want to go a different direction, a leader should listen. Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the black vote in this country, in just about every demographic, including young people.

Here are the real facts though. As of now the Green Party is only on the ballot in about 21 states. Four of those 21 states are the most conservative states in the country (Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas). So in order to even make a threat to win the electoral college, Jill Stein would have to win just about EVERY OTHER STATE she is on the ballot in, include huge states like California and New York.

My question is this, at what point does it began to matter? At what point do we get serious about the consequences of a Donald Trump presidency? Does that not happen until inauguration day and we all wake up to realize the Nadar/Stein gamble was too big to have waged?

Oh and BTW, Dr. West is why the party normally allows the chair to pick the members of the drafting committee. Before you get your hands on the document that spells out what makes the party the party, you should be committed to the party. Not willing to put it down because you don’t get everything your way after an election you lost.


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