Let us be clear…Donald Trump is a Racist…Period

In 1989 five black and Latino teens were arrested and charged with raping a female jogger in Central Park who happened to be white. One of them was Yusef Salaam who was only 15 years old at the time. Despite the lack of evidence, the boys were forced into signing confessions that never should have been upheld in court. Donald Trump took out a full page ad in newspapers calling for New York to reinstate the death penalty and for the boys to be put to death. Even after DNA proved the boys were innocent and another man (a serial rapist) was convicted, Donald Trump still believes the boys to be guilty. He called a settlement by the city in the case with the five boys, who spent over a decade in jail for a crime they did not commit, to be a “heist”.

In 1973 the federal government (under Richard Nixon) sued Donald Trump and his companies for racial bias in their renting practices. How did they know Mr. Trump was illegally refusing to rent to African Americans? Well because it was a sting. One day in 1972 the government sent what they called “testers” to see if what they heard was actually the case. First an African American woman was sent in and asked to rent an apartment. She was turned away and told the place was full. Later that very same day a white woman came in and was given a choice between two vacant apartments. This sting served as the basis for the coming federal suit.

Let me be clear, Donald Trump is a racist.

Today in communities and speeches all over America, mostly before mainly white audiences, Mr. Trump has taken to “reaching out” to minorities in the hopes of expanding his campaign. However, his outreach only serves to live up to the same racial stereotypes of blacks and Hispanics that people like Mr. Trump believe to be true. His belief that all minorities are poor, uneducated, criminals who are victims of the other criminals who oppress our communities isn’t about liberation, but instead validation. Validation of his beliefs of who we are and what he can do to “save” us.

Donald Trump is a racist.

If Donald Trump’s outreach was sincere he’d tell us how his vision for America would provide jobs to kids in underserved communities and not just complain that far too many of them are unemployed. He’d tell us how he would reform a broken criminal justice system and not just promise that he’d be a law and order president. He’d tell us how he would make our schools better and not just rant about how President Obama has failed.

Donald Trump has done none of those things I mention above because, as Andrew Shepherd says about his opponent in the American President, no matter what our problems are, Donald Trump isn’t the least bit interested in solving them. He is interested in two things, making you afraid of them and telling you who is to blame for them.

America deserves better.


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