Sessions Crackdown on Leaks Attempt to Coverup for Trump Lies

jeff-sessions 2.jpgIn January, just days after Donald Trump was sworn into office, American’s found out a planned meeting between Trump and the President of Mexico had been cancelled. Donald Trump told us at the time that “he and the Mexican president had mutually agreed to scrap their planned get together”. We now know from the leaked conversation between the two leaders that is actually not what happened. The meeting was cancelled by Trump after President Pena Nieto refused to lie to his people and American’s about who would pay for the wall Trump wants to build.

In February news broke that Donald Trump had abruptly ended a call with the Prime Minister of Australia following a disagreement over honoring a refugee resettlement deal reached between our two countries under the Obama Administration. Trump denied he hung up the phone abruptly but leaked conversations revealed yesterday in the Washington Post confirm that was a lie.

Today shacking after these recent leaks the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who himself is eager to do whatever he can to get back on Trump’s good side, announced they plan to crack down. That would be dangerous.

First it is not factual that any leak from the Trump Administration over the last few months has damaged national security or put any American lives at risk. That simply is a lie. Period. These leaks are done simply what our government won’t do, tell the truth and the only threat to our security is the one from the Justice Department openly threatening to violate the first amendment to protect an American president who lies every time he opens his mouth in public.


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